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Certified Seed

We recommend using only certified seeds whose identity, uncontaminated variety, germination and health are a guarantee. Using certified seeds is the instrument that ensures the cultivation of selected varieties which ensure a healthy seed, helps in preventing the spreading of diseases and protects the plant during its initial growing stage.

Agroservice has adopted and promotes the strategic importance of the certified seed, an essential instrument which guarantees the correct traceability of the production chain. We believe that in absence of traceability that starts from the seed the entire production chain cannot be said to be complete..


The added -value of a certified seed

  1. Offers safe seed for its purity and guaranteed germination, in the absence of harmful seed plants.

  2. An indispensable tool in permitting innovation in varieties of seeds, a necessary prerequisite for the genetic improvement to obtain higher yield varieties more resistant to diseases and higher technological quality.

  3. Thanks to the traceability of the seed, productions can be traced, thus enhancing the harvest and favouring access to supply chain contracts.

  4. It increases the yield of the seed through the adoption of a better cultivation technique of the specific varieties (fertilisation, concentration of seeds, protection against diseases).

  5. Permits to save time and provides more safety to the agriculturist without any extra costs to bear on conservation/cleaning of the seed.

  6. Arouses awareness towards the environment,  placing more care on ecosystems reducing agro-pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

  7. We work in respect of legal standards. The sale and purchase of non-certified seeds is illegal and punishable by law. In particular, the non-authorised use of unpatented seed varieties is subject to legal proceedings.