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ISEA avails itself of large and spacious premises let out by CERMIS peRmitting it to improve the genetic selection of PLANT VARIETIES starting from the first generations to the new varieties.

Research and development (Isea Srl)

A leader in the field of scientific research in terms of new plant varieties that better adapt to the needs of agriculturists and transformation industry.
For ever dedicated to research, our company is committed in the selection of the best plant varieties: the professionalism and careful selection in order to obtain excellent basic materials is the first and foremost important step towards the development of a product variety unique in its kind.


Our main mission is to attain maximum yield production at a minimum cost as well as impacting to the minimum the environment.


We only use certified quality seeds to facilitate a complete traceability of the product: from the sowing to the harvesting of the cereal. Using certified seeds permits us to understand the entire productive process and the sensory properties, in other words the protein concentration which represents one of the main parameters used in measuring the quality of the seed. Our capability to identify the traceability of the seed, even with the aid of specific technical assistance supplied by cereal-growing companies, is a must in deciphering quality standards.


A bio certified production will ensure the best quality seeds.

Bio Production

We have chosen to subscribe to Filiera Agricola Biologica Marche (Bio-Agricultural Crop-growers of the region Marche) through our brand FAB Marche to support the implementation of bio-seeds.

- Wheat hard Achille
- Grano Tenero Ilaria
- Orzo Arianna
- Pisello Proteico Astronaute
- Favino Nero Enrico
- Favino Bianco Rumbo
- Cece Sultano
- Cece Reale


We support the farmer to get the most out of the seed

Attaining maximum yield from the seed

Click on INFOSEMINA, this site permits the crop-grower, on the basis of the lot number of the product purchased to know exactly the correct amount of seeds to sow; clicking on GRANO.NET, the maximum yield of the seed aiding the crop-grower to select the best agricultural technique possible.