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About Us

In 1969 Copse, i.e. Cooperativa Produttori Sementi Elette (Cooperative of selected seeds producers) was created which pooled together resources and energy in the production and commercialisation of seeds. In 1994, Agroservice Spa was founded and took over the plant’s activity as well as the brand name.
With the aim of uniting the various seed-growing business realities and boosting research, Agroservice acquired the division dedicated to seed-growing activities of ISEA Spa (former Gruppo Angelini) based in Falconara Marittima in 2005, in the province of Ancona. The two companies joined their commercial network and adopted a strategy that saw Agroservice focus on the production and commercialisation of seeds branded Isea, Copse and Agris, while Isea concentrated on research, experimentation and the creation of new varieties.

Since then substantial investments have been made on expanding the premises, improving and boosting the production sector in order to offer the market a certified quality product as well as providing agriculturalists with cutting-edge competences.

Agroservice today

  over 20 year experience and professionalism in the seed-growing sector;

  over one thousand active clients in Italy and abroad;

  over 40 countries including export between EU countries and out of EU;

  over 10 experimental and demonstrative fields;

  84 varieties and 38 patents;

  1 production plant, buildings and fields totalling 29.561 square metres;

  1 storage deposit;

  2 production lines (selection of straw cereals and leguminous selections);

  3 packing lines (paper sacks, plastic and big bags);

  34 corrugated iron silos and another 9 under construction;

  stocking capacity of bulk material 35.000 tons;

  over 40 sales agencies in Italy and abroad.

In order to carry all this out we have invested all our know-how and resources:

  in research, to provide continual innovation to our clients

  to improve selection and processing of primary materials in observance of ISO certification standards

  in specialised personnel, expert trained professionals

  in advanced infrastructures which permit the constant supervision over the production cycle

  in responsibility towards the environment, implementing renewable energy sources in respect of ecosystems

  in the promotion of certified seeds which will provide a safe and completely traceable product