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What we do

  We produce, select, pack and sell a wide variety of seeds, that effectively meet the various needs in cultivation while adapting them to various climatic and geographic conditions.

  Our continual research provides the market with safe and healthy top quality products: Agroservice-Isea has over time consolidated important relationships with partners such as institutions, universities, research centres and leading companies of the sector guaranteeing its clients the most innovative varieties that are in line with standards on health and safety protection of the final consumer.

   We assist the client with professional skill and know-how from the selection of the most suitable seed to its harvest.


We are continually faced with new challenges throughout our daily activities in observance of our values. Thanks to the engagement and passion of our members and partners over twenty years activity, we have maintained solid ties with the surrounding territory developing an ethical code of behaviour towards the individual at the same time nurturing passion for our work, environment and its fruits.


We adopt an ethical approach based on the professionalism of our personnel and on transparency that meets the requirements of the client respecting environmental sustainability.


The company’s capacity to innovate is based on the continual experimentation through improved methodologies and cutting-edge technologies that enable us to offer a wide range of top quality products.
The company is engaged in important ongoing ‘supply chain’ projects through the promotion and development of new varieties in partnership with mills, stockers and pasta-manufacturing companies throughout the country.


Scientific research is the core of our business. We keep abreast of advanced discoveries on genetic improvements in principal agricultural cultivations and in the development of technological and new cellular and molecular technologies.


Guaranteeing the client on the quality of the product means transparency to us in each and every single stage of our activities. We have long since been implementing certified processing systems and product. Each stage of the processing and commercialisation of the varieties is carried out in strict observance of regulatory and disciplinary standards of the sector. We are active members of  Progetto Risparmio Virtuoso, that means implementing renewable energy sources during all the processing phases.


Personal mastery and continual updating of job skills is a fundamental requisite for the safety of co-workers in Agroservice. According to our beliefs, safety is built to a degree on a good level of culture both in terms of theory and application. Involving qualified teachers and using premises and avant-garde devices dedicated for these purposes will open up to an exciting and effective experience in study which is the basis for any good training.


Agroservice and Isea has a solid and structured work-force that is expert and competent:  a young dynamic commercial network which is well integrated on national and international territory, ready to work side by side the client starting from the selection of the variety and best cultivation techniques to be implemented up to its harvest.

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